Altri and The Navigator Company

Case Study

The Challenge

Beyond core business, Altri and The Navigator Company explores and manage eucalyptus crops that ensure part of raw materials needs. The other part its provided through outsourcing suppliers. The distance and source of raw materials counts to the service cost and there wasn’t way to control the authenticity of this factors.

For this reason was identified the next problems/needs:

  • Control wood freight source;
  • Identify and verify load changes during expedition;
  • Simple, fast and minimally invasive method;
  • Processed Info support to the front office reception for the freight approval;
  • Ensure veracity and combat fraud of raw materials source.

The Solution

  • Develop an information system with low cost implementation;
  • Integrate an adaptative system;
  • Automatic System for collecting information and generating data flows;
  • Control of the origin of raw materials;
  • Control operational and outsourcing costs. 

Ensure control of raw materials for better and sustainable products


Innovative System build from scratch


Controlled supply at factory entrance

Day Transactions

Number of Remote CheckPoint.Vision installed

Results from CheckPoint.Vision

Independent Solution


  • Developed an Open Source, innovator and flexible system that ensured low costs of implementation;
  • System supervision and Support – Automatic alerts generator of potencial irregularities about transactions reporting the front office team.


  • High reliability and performance;
  • Independent system that recognizes and process data of each transaction.


  • Minimal driver intervention;
  • One button that generates a validation code.

Integrated Solution

  • Multi-point adaptable system connected through the Cloud
  • Easy Data access through web app
  • Data flows management and reports
  • Freight Control through validation code
  • Information Management

Innovative Solution

  • Freight’s verification and control systems build from the scratch that integrates a license plate recognition system;
  • System composed by vision cameras, infra red cameras that captures the vehicle (license plate) and the load to verifying them;
  •  Front-office App with lots of functions since load flows prevision, problems registry, report management and others that helps the operator validate the raw materials;
  • Secure and reliable solutions | Proven high performance results | No security and operation failures registered.