Remote CheckPoint Product Features

All you need to know about CheckPoint.Vision

Road-Side Equipment

Camera HD 360º

Located on the top of the Road-Side Equipment, it allows the collection of images around the vehicle and the cargo.


In the dashboard its located a frontal camera, a screen and the validation button.

Access Point

Back door access to the interior for technical support.

Side Cameras

Side cameras allows the capture of the front and rear of the vehicle. With Plate.Vision ANPR System built-in, the transaction now had a license plate automatically aggregated to determinated process.


The screen shows to the driver the validation code of that transaction that need to make part of the waybill.

Frontal Camera

The frontal camera allows the capture of the vehicle’s driver.
Make sure

Validation Button

The button that generates the validation code.


Robust, resistante and weather proof equipment.

RCP Central Cloud

Centralized Cloud System for data storage of the differents Road-Side Equipments.  You can access all the information multipoint through any device with the internet connection.


All Road-Side Equiments connected to the Central System for Back-Office consulting


Every informations and transactions are secure. RCP follows the best pratices and internacional cloud security complainces


Easily integrated with your actual businesses solutions. Painless innovation

Multi Device

Intuitive Responsive Platforms built to run in all different devices and OS

Back-Office Platform

All the information on a single platform. Available for several people

Every information...

  • Transport Validation by receptor;
  • Cargo flows forecast;
  • Access 24/7 through internet;
  • Anomalies Registration.

...One Platform

  • Data Analysis and Reporting;
  • Automatic alerts of potencially anomalous situations;
  • Visual perspective of the transport (vehicle and cargo);
  • Zoom tools to analyze the datails.

Know all the Technologies behind CheckPoint.Vision

Check out Plate.Vision ANPR and Cargo Classification Image Vision.

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